Primo - Forklift Seats


The PRIMO® Driver Seats for Forklifts and Small Construction Machines.

Logistical challenges, changing drivers, long hours with total concentration: this is what characterizes work with forklift trucks and smaller construction machines. GRAMMER driver seats strengthen the backs of forklift operators worldwide, enabling them to focus on doing their jobs well without stress or strain. Riding a continuous wave of research and innovation, GRAMMER ensures sitting comfort with tangible benefits, from the first minute to the last.

Primo L

Standard Seat with Pneumatic Suspension

This seat’s reduced-travel pneumatic suspension, which runs on a 12 V or 24 V power source, effectively attenuates vibrations in even the tiniest cabs. It can be optimally set to the operator’s weight using an ergonomically placed pushbutton, aided by an indicator

Primo XM

Standard Seat with Mechanical Suspension 

This model’s low-constructed mechanical suspension with 80 mm of travel features an easily accessible ratcheting handle for optimal adjustment to the driver’s weight. Safe, ergonomic sitting is also ideally enabled by a comfortable, 470-mm-wide seat cushion and mechanical lumbar support.

Primo XL

Comfort Seat with Low-Frequency Pneumatic Suspension 

Operable on a 12 V or 24 V power source, this seat’s low-frequency suspension ensures good comfort. It can be easily set to the driver’s weight (between 45 and 170 kg) simply by pressing a button. The upper seat section, retention system, and lumbar support can also be set to optimally meet the user’s needs

Primo XXM

Standard Seat with Mechanical Suspension 

The Primo XXM has an easy-to-use lever for optimally setting the suspension to the driver’s weight within the range between 45 and 170 kg. Especially when a vehicle is used by multiple drivers, it’s important for unpractised users to be able to quickly and intuitively perform this important setting. The extra-high backrest, in conjunction with a lumbar support, bolsters the back and ensures an even more comfortable ride.

Primo XXL

Comfort Seat with Pneumatic Suspension 

Despite this seat’s low height, its large suspension travel and low-frequency technology actively protect the user. It’s also very easy to set the pneumatic suspension and extra-high backrest with mechanical lumbar support. The push-button weight adjustment feature is especially advantageous in vehicles used by changing drivers.