Actimo - Construction Equipment Seats


ACTIMO® Driver Seats for Large and Midsized Construction Machines.

Tight deadlines, heavy demands on workers and machinery, long hours, and enormous expectations regarding the quality of work done are challenges that construction companies face day after day.

GRAMMER seats strengthen the backs of construction machine, excavator, and heavy equipment operators to prevent the grueling work from grinding them down. With extensive R&D and a steady stream of new innovations, we ensure sitting comfort that noticeably helps – the ideal basis for doing a good job.

Actimo M

Standard Seat with Mechanical Suspension 

The seat is easy to set to the user’s weight using a crank at the front. This is essential for optimizing the mechanical suspension’s response to vibrations. The seat’s height can also be set to any of three positions over 60 mm depending on the operator’s size and the kind of work being done.

Actimo XL

Standard Seat with Mechanical Suspension 

Equipped with an automatic positioning system and an adjustable shock absorber, the Actimo XL with pneumatic suspension delivers excellent comfort. Automatic weight adjustment eliminates the time-consuming business of setting the seat to the driver’s weight – an important benefit when machines are used by multiple operators

Actimo XXL

Standard Seat with Mechanical Suspension 

Thanks to its extra-wide pneumatic suspension, the Actimo XXL is ideal for installing large, heavy multifunction armrests. The low-frequency suspension delivers outstanding comfort, being designed to attenuate the vibrations that typically occur in large construction machines. An automatic positioning system and adjustable shock absorber additionally enhance the experience