Maximo - Tractor Seats


MAXIMO® Driver Seats for Midsized and Large Tractors.

Human beings take first place and all of the models of the Maximo series are designed to meet their needs, make them comfortable, and let them work without tiring. The backrests are ergonomically shaped for outstanding comfort, and wide cushions and armrests combine maximum freedom of movement with solid support. In the Maximo Dynamic Plus, the upper backrest section even twists around with the user. Every Maximo seat can be flexibly and precisely adjusted to suit your body.

Another factor that contributes to your wellbeing is a pleasant temperature in the vehicle, where you spend hour after hour on the seat. In this respect as well, the Maximo seats make working even more agreeable. The Maximo Evolution Dynamic and Maximo Evolution Active feature an active climate system that removes body moisture so you’ll never again have to sit drenched in sweat. And on cold days, integrated seat heating makes sure you sit cozily

Standard Seat with Mechanical Suspension

In order for a seat with mechanical suspension to be truly comfortable, it must be precisely adjusted to the user’s weight. In the Maximo Basic, this is accomplished with an easy-to-use lever. Ideal for drivers of standard tractors, this seat model comes with suspension travel of 100 mm, afore/aft isolator, and three-position height adjustment to ensure a comfortable ride.


An integrated 12-volt air compressor makes it extremely easy to adjust the height of the Maximo Comfort by raising or lowering a lever. Extra-wide, voluminous cushions add to the feeling of comfort while a lumbar support greatly reduces the risk of damage to spinal disks.
Comfort Plus

Standard Seat with Automatic Positioning System

The driver benefits greatly from this seat’s pneumatic suspension with automatic positioning system (APS), which provides for greater comfort and safety by ensuring that the seat is in the best possible position at all times.

High-Comfort Seat with Low-Frequency Suspension 

Tractors with axle and cabin suspension have a low resonant frequency. GRAMMER therefore developed a low-frequency suspension especially for them. It absorbs vertical vibrations and jolts, thus preventing the seat from bouncing in critical situations as a result of resonance build-up. It’s a fact that suspensions with a lower natural frequency result in a more comfortable ride.

High-Comfort Seat with Dynamic Damping System 

The Dynamic Damping System raises the bar for comfortable sitting in passive-suspension seats for midsized and large tractors. The Maximo Dynamic also automatically adjusts itself to the operator’s weight and features a pneumatic lumbar support as well as extra-wide, voluminous cushions. The result is outstandingly comfortable sitting and work
Dynamic Plus Dual Motion

High-End Sitting Comfort with Actively and Electronically Controlled Suspension and Dualmotion Adaptive Back Support

The Maximo Dynamic Plus excels with Dualmotion technology: the upper backrest section rotates as the user twists around, thus continuing to provide back support and enabling the best possible view when it is necessary to work in a backward-facing position. Thanks to a redesigned swivel, lateral suspension, and new controls, the Maximo Dynamic Plus ideally meats the prerequisites for installing heavy multifunctional armrests (not included).
Dynamic Evolution

High-End Sitting Comfort with Actively and Electronically Controlled Suspension

The Dynamic Damping System raises the bar for comfortable sitting in passive-suspension seats for midsized and large tractors. An active seat climate system with removal of body moisture additionally enhances comfort by making sure that the operator never again has to sit in a pool of sweat