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Identify My Seat

You can identify your Grammer seat model by viewing the silver label (see picture) located either on the back of your Grammer seat, or on the top face of the suspension unit. 

If your seat is the original seat that came in your machine and the label is on the top of the suspension, the part number will be the number for the complete seat. If you have replaced the suspension, the part number will be for the suspension on its own. 

Suspensions & Spare Parts


Dont need to replace your whole seat?

View our wide range of seat suspensions and spare parts for your Grammer seat

Spare Parts

We stock all parts for Grammer seats and bases. Most seats can be repaired, whether its parts for your suspension or new cushion/levers for your seat top

The easiest way to find spare parts for your seat or base is to navigate to the seat/base you own and look at the product page where we have listed associated items for those seats/bases below them.