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The COMPACTO® Driver Seats for Small and Compact Tractors.

No seat combines outstanding comfort with small dimensions better than Compacto. 

The standard seats supplied with many small specialty tractors such as vineyard and utility models leave much to be desired. Fortunately, our Compacto range—featuring different cushion widths and exemplary suspension comfort— is available to solve the problem. These seats are available with your choice of pneumatic or mechanical suspension with a stroke of 80 mm and easy setting to the user’s weight. The Compacto Comfort models are also equipped with a fore/ aft isolator to reduce vibrations in the direction of travel.

Healthy, fatigue-free sitting is also supported by height-adjustable backrest extensions, adjustable lumbar supports, and an ergonomic seat shape.  
Compacto Basic W

Compact Seat with Mechanical Suspension 

Despite having a mechanical suspension, the Compacto Basic W also boasts plenty of comfort and convenience. The seat can be set to three different heights using an easy to turn knob. It is adjusted to the user’s weight by moving a lever in front until the marking in a plainly visible readout lines up with the selected seat height. This ensures that enough suspension travel will always be available.
Compacto Comfort M

Compact Seat with Pneumatic Suspension

The Compacto Comfort M delivers the high comfort and convenience that are typical of suspension seats from GRAMMER. It is very easy to set: the pneumatic suspension features combined weight and height adjustment. By consulting an easy-to-read display, the user can make sure that enough suspension travel will always be available, regardless of his or her weight